Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pillowcase Dress

A few months ago my grandma sent us a package and one of the gifts was wrapped up in this old pillowcase. I loved the vintage look of the fabric and the lace along the bottom.  Today I made a dress for Harley from Grandma's pillowcase. Hopefully, she didn't want it back.
My sewing machine was not working so I decided to sew it by hand.  If my machine had been working it probably would have taken less than 30 minutes, by hand it was more like 3 hours. 
If you want instructions about how I made this dress read more below!

First I found a dress that currently fit Harley.  I laid it on my pillow case and trimmed the pillow case about 2 inches above the dress to allow for folding and sewing.
Next, I folded the pillow case in half and moved my dress all the way to the top of the case. Then, I traced the arm holes with a pencil and trimmed...
like so.
Turning the pillow case inside out fold over the fabric around both arm holes twice and iron flat.  Then pin and hem...
like so.
Fold the top of the case over twice and pin as pictured above. Then stitch along the bottom. You are making a casing, so make sure you are stitching close to the bottom and that your fold is at least an inch from the top.
Using a safety pin thread a ribbon through the front casing and the back casing and tie in bows.
You're finished!

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Melinda said...

So cute! What a great idea.