Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Children are Pigs

Everyday! Every single day I sweep up something that looks like this...
from my kitchen floor. That's right, enough food flung on the floor to feed a homeless man for a week.  Trust, me this is an average sized pile. I have swept some that were much bigger. What is up with my children?  Are they all this way or are mine especially disgusting? Admittedly, I used to sweep after every meal and/or snack.  That was way too much work.  So now I save it all until the end of the day, but still that's a lot of nastiness.  I was thinking of pouring milk on top of this mess and handing them all a spoon.  As I sweep the words of my elementary principal are almost always ringing in my ears, "There are children starving in Africa!"  Yup, and my wasteful little Americans drop at least $2 worth of groceries from their plates during each meal.

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Melinda said...

For what it's worth, Adelaide can pull about a third of that on an average day. Sounds like they are all flamboyant eaters.