Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Father & Son Campout

Last weekend Scott took the boys on their FIRST EVER father & son campout.  They were so excited they could barely contain themselves.  Can you tell?  Just look at Atley before they hopped in the truck to go.
I was fairly certain after they drove away that their first Father & Son campout would probably be there last, considering how much Scott dislikes camping and how wild my boys behave sometimes most of the time. But, fortunately I was wrong. They had a great time riding their bikes, playing in the reservoir, making smores and hanging out with their Dad.
 Nash's favorite part- having chocolate milk in the morning.  His least favorite part was when he discovered that there wasn't a microwave to warm his chocolate milk.
Atley's favorite part was riding his bike in the mud puddles. His least favorite part was when the older boys said he was going to be their first sacrifice when they lit the bonfire.

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