Thursday, October 20, 2011

Winning, Learning, Calming, Creating

This is a post about a whole bunch of random things: 

Item #1-The PIG TROPHY
My kid's make disasters everywhere. Some of their favorite places to do gross things are in the bathroom and at the dinner table.  I am constantly nagging and complaining at my family to clean up after themselves.  Something had to give. So, I glittered up a plastic toy pig using Mod Podge.  The Pig Trophy is awarded to the biggest pig of the day and that person has to clean up the bathroom, the basement, the kitchen, or wherever the disaster occurred. We all have a love/hate relationship with the Pig Trophy.

Yes, Harley is not quite 18 months old and no, I am not one of those crazy mom's who is already trying to potty train her, but she is showing an interest in the potty chair. She really enjoys stripping off all of her clothes and sitting on the "POTTY!" What is up with getting completely naked to use the toilet? My boys are the same way. 
Sometimes she gets distracted and goes exploring.
And sometimes she dethrones to do a trick or two.
Unfortunately, she also has accidents on the floor. But, Harley fears the Pig Trophy and is always willing to clean up her own mess.

This may come as a surprise to most of you, considering my superb mother skills, but my children are often completely OUT OF CONTROL!  This is especially true when we have visitors or when we are getting ready to do something really exciting.  We also have a bit of a temper problem in our house, mom included.  Hence, the SETTLE DOWN JAR!  This jar sits in our kitchen and when one of my little monsters angels gets a little CRAZY they must shake the jar 10 times and sit down while watching the glitter settle to the bottom.  Hopefully, they are settling down just like the glitter does or in other words finding their ZEN! (Yeah, I have been having fun with glitter this week!)

Scott brought me an old pallet from work and I went crazy with spray paint and hung it in my living room. I am loving the color burst on my brown walls!


Melinda said...

I am in love with your pallet shelf. You just spray painted a pallet? Any other tricks? I want to try this.

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