Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween Decorating Fun

Have I mentioned before that I really love the fall?  Yeah, I guess I have.  Another reason for this is I heart decorating for Halloween.  Halloween is such a "KID" holiday, so I try to involve the KIDS as much as possible.
Step One:  Make Scary Pumpkin Head Man and pose for the camera! He is an annual tradition in our family.  We did this while Daddy was at work. When Harley noticed her daddy's pants stuffed and sitting in a chair with no body or head, she had a baby meltdown.  I think she thought the boys and I  had dismembered her father. She warmed up to the guy once we attached the torso and head!

Step Two:  Make a new wreath for the front door.  Last year I made a Candy Corn wreath that I loved, BUT we had an unseasonably warm October and the Candy Corn melted all over my front door.  One year later there are still traces of the uber sticky candy on our door.  I am fairly confident that this wreath will not melt.  I spray painted a twig wreath black, made some flowers out of scrap material and buttons, and stuck Mr. Crow in for good measure.

Step Three:  Bust out the MUMS and baby pumpkins!

Step Four:  Make something with the kiddos. These little ghosts made from plastic cups are sitting on top of some electric candles but battery powered tea lights would work even better.

Step Four:  Try to scare people...BOO!  I picked up these IKEA frames for $4 several months ago.  Eventually, they will hold some of Harley's pictures but for now, they are Halloween decor.  I love the detail of the frames and when I think about spray painting them in fun colors after Halloween, it excites me.

Step Five:  You can never have too many pumpkins. I made these pumpkins out of a dryer vent.  I cut the vent into three equal parts, painted them, (I used spray paint on some and craft paint on others) formed the vent into a circle and hot glued it together.  Then I stuck a stick in the middle and some mossy stuff to purtify!

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Melinda said...

I am in constant awe of your talent. Everything you make is so cute. I love your wreath, dryer vent pumpkins, Boo frames, ghost cups, and all the rest of it. If you ever get tired of decorating your own house, let me know... my home is getting envious just looking over my shoulder at the laptop screen.