Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Birthday & Other Stuff

First of all Happy Birthday to my hubby!  If he had 7 hands he could show you exactly how old he is, but alas he does not! We will be celebrating tonight by doctoring our kids back to health after being infested with Strep Throat. Fun times!

Ispy still visits nightly. Recently, he made snow angels out of flour, replaced the kid's stockings with their WHITIE TIGHTIES, apparently he had to take the stockings back to the North Pole to be measured, he caught a terrible cold, and went fishing in our toilet.

Harley pulled the Christmas Tree down and when she did so, clapped her hands and exclaimed, "Bye, Bye Pretty!"  She also managed to climbed on top of our piano, by first climbing onto the bench , then the piano keys. Once on top I spotted her grabbing all of the baby Jesus' from our creche's and saying, "Bye Bye Baby!"  More like "Bye, Bye, Momma!" I need a vacation.

Atley has been trying to help his sister overcome her fear of St. Nick by dressing up in his own Santa costumes, but I am afraid it is only making things worse.

Santa paid us a visit via Fire Truck one night and gave all of us candy canes.

Harley & Nash have been spending a lot of time playing in this bucket...

and working on their dad's birthday gift. It is a shirt with a city on the back. The kids can drive their cars on his back to give him a massage.

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Deanne said...

Oh no! I can't believe Harley pulled the tree down. Her words made me laugh out loud.

Love the birthday shirt too. I saw that idea on pinterest!