Monday, December 26, 2011

Nash's Birthday Extravaganza

Only Nash would agree to wait an extra day to open his presents and celebrate his birthday just so that his granny could be there with him.  He is patient like that and when I have more time I am going to write a bunch of the other things I love about this little guy!  Granny flew in on the 16th of December and after picking her up we went to Don Pablo's for Nash's birthday dinner. Quesadillas are his favorite food so it was absolutely perfect.

He hugged all the waitresses after the song and then apologized for not being able to speak Mexican which was a little embarrassing!

After dinner we went to ICE! at National Harbor-a huge tent filled with extraordinary ice sculptures and slides. The theme this year was Merry Madagascar.


Above is Nash sliding down one of the ice slides and of course to everyone's shock and later applause we sent Harley down the slide too. It was sooooo cute and a little hilarious.


Finally, it was time to go home and actually open the presents he had been waiting for, for what seemed like 9 years according to him. Nash had a British themed birthday party because of his obsession with all things English.

It is hard to believe that he is five years old and I already get weepy when I think of him going to kindergarten next year.  I love you Nacho!

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