Saturday, February 18, 2012

Atley the Poet

Atley loves writing poetry and he even received a special award for his poem about trains. The prize-  having it hung in the main hallway of his school.  I thought I would post a couple of my favorites.  They are a little abstract, but that's my boy.

Amtrak goes right and left
North and South
Through the USA
To Amtrak Stations
From Miami to Montreal
It will go from San Antonio
To Quebec.
Ride the Acela
From DC to New York
The Acela is as fast as a plane
I want to ride the train.

Tornados are big
They have lightening
They can blow your roof off,
like giant mouth's eating everything
Such an evil dust devil
Windy cumulonimbus clouds
Like whirl pools on the land.

Storms, storms, snowstorms?
A loud sound,
It must be thunder
I just saw lightning
Pitter, Patter
Rain is falling down
Rain like a shower
It's been raining for over an hour
Rain falls fast upon my head
While all the squirrels are hiding under the shed
My sister is frightened to be in her bed
It is raining harder,
a super rain
Here comes the flood.


Melinda said...

I'm impressed. I'm pretty sure those are better than my attempts in freshman college English.

G&G said...

Another sign of his brilliance, that's my grandboy!!!!