Monday, February 27, 2012

Playgrounds, Planes, & Baby Jimmie

We had a fun few days with Scott's brother and his family in town.  I saw a quote recently about how cousin's are your first friends and they stay with you for life.  I know I certainly feel that way about my cousins. They are the siblings I never had. My kid's certainly had a great time with their first friends last weekend. We had a few lovely days, the February tease, as I like to refer to it.  We were able to play at the playground.  We also went to the Air & Space Museum, where I discovered that my daughter is just as crazy about airplanes as her brothers.  But, the most fun thing we did all weekend was hold baby Jimmie or Yimmie as Harley calls him. 


G&G said...

Glad you got some nice days for a park visit.

The Hasletts said...

I can't believe how much Harley looks like you. What a cutie :)

Sara said...

Great photos!