Sunday, October 14, 2012

The BIG Apple

My kid's love New York City.  Atley has a huge photograph (courtesy of Ikea) above his bed of midtown Manhattan.  He knows the layout, he can identify all of the buildings and each of the Burroughs and we feel lucky to be only a 4 hour drive away from the most exciting city in the world.  Last weekend we took Granny on her first journey to Manhattan.  I am not sure if she has any desire to ever return. Scott reminded me that it is an acquired taste.  After dropping mom and the kids off at our hotel, I set out to find a reasonably priced parking spot.  An hour later after arguing with a rather unsavory looking fellow, I agreed on a price and parked my car with a prayer in my heart that it would actually still be there when I returned.  My mom later told me that she was convinced that I had been kidnapped and that she was going to be stuck alone with my three kids in this unfamiliar city. It all worked out and we set out on foot.
First stop...

Then some more walking to the cross roads of the world, Time's Square, where we ran into a familiar character and one of Harley's all-time favorite friends-Cookie Monster.

We caught a show on Broadway.  It was fantabulous!
It was cold and rainy but not too late to go to the Toys R Us or take a few more pictures before hailing a cab back to the hotel.

Check out the view we had from our hotel room.  Nothing like gazing at the lights of the Empire State Building while you fall asleep.
The following morning we hopped on a double-decker bus equipped with hot chocolate to see the sights. Quick story about the hot chocolate. At one of the bus stops we were parked right above a trash can. Of course, this is New York city and there were at least a thousand people by the said trash can as well. This fact didn't stop Nash from trying to drop his almost empty cup of hot chocolate into the trash can below.  Guess what? He missed and it hit a not so happy gentleman in the shoulder before splattering on the sidewalk.  We all ducked and then cracked up laughing all while hoping that the guy didn't have a gun.

Empire State By Day
Atley's Favorite-The Flat Iron Building
The new Freedom Tower on the World Trade Center Site. The building will be about 300 feet taller than the Empire State building when completed.
I  had the opportunity to see the World Trade Center before 9/11.  We went back with the boys when there was just a gaping hole and very little to memorialize what had happened.  This time we had a chance to visit the recently completed memorial.  The memorial is two 30 ft. deep fountains surrounded by the names of those who lost their lives.  The fountains are in the exact location where the tower's stood.  It was a special experience for all of us.

We had lunch at Battery Park and saw Lady Liberty.  One of the kids favorite things about the entire trip was chasing the pigeons. I am sure that there is a lesson about simplifying in there somewhere.

We ended our day with a trip to Rockefeller Center, where we visited the LEGO store. Somehow Nash became separated from my mom.  He tends to wander.  Well, after locking down the LEGO store and some terrified tears from my mom,  (I was with Atley and completely oblivious to what was happening), Nash was found. Finally, we took the elevator to the Top of the Rock.  The view was spectacular even on an overcast day.


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Melinda said...

What an awesome trip! You are a rockstar for hauling your kids all the way around New York. I tremble at the thought of grocery store trips. My favorite picture is Harley and cookie monster. She looks so delighted!