Tuesday, September 25, 2012


What does fall mean to you?  Well, to me it means "Busy" with a capital "B".  One of the reasons for that busyness is Soccer. With practice and games and a husband that coaches two teams, our Saturdays and a few of our weeknights are pretty much booked up until the end of November.  

Nash (above) is super competitive. Almost so much that he cannot even enjoy the game for fear he might lose.  He is a good little soccer player when he is not melting down about a goal scored from the opposite team or an injury.
Atley (below)  has fun with whatever he is doing.  We wish he was a little more competitive. He has a hard time not socializing with the other team while he plays. 
Coach Butler (bottom)  is very patient, although he likes to complain about his duties as coach, but it is only because he is too macho to admit he is loving every minute of it.


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