Friday, November 2, 2012

Election 2012-Why I am voiting for Mitt

Politics. I know everyone has had more than enough especially if you are living in a so-called battle ground state like Virginia or Colorado.   I have a degree in political science and I have always been a political junkie.  I consider it a hobby but one that is increasingly leaving me more and more disillusioned.  Perhaps, it is because I can think of so many more useful ways to spend the $2 billion that the campaigns have raised to create commercials for bashing each other. Yet, there is something so fascinating about the way this great country operates, the history behind the law and traditions that we practice.  Unfortunately, I feel like those traditions, ideals, and even the very laws our nation was founded upon are being threatened and our standing in the world is dangerously being questioned.
I have made it no secret that I am not an Obama supporter.  Does this mean I do not respect his authority or office? Of course not, and regardless of what happens on Tuesday, I hope my children realize that.  It is a hard concept for most children to understand-disagreeing with someone’s ideas/policies yet not disliking them as a human being.   It seems that not only my children struggle with this but in fact, it also seems to be something that left-wing democrats do not understand either. In a rather child-like way they claim that a vote against Obama is a vote for racism, homophobia, and the blatant discrimination of women.  Why is being a social and economic conservative being demonized?  Why are we labeled as intolerant if we value human life and the sanctity of marriage between a man and woman?  Why are we considered heartless when we advocate self-reliance and hard work instead of government handouts and dependency?  Isn’t enabling a far crueler way to treat those we claim to love?  Tolerance has become our nation’s party mask for immorality and permissiveness.

 I have been told, “You are only voting for Romney because you are Mormon.”   First, sharing a common bond is certainly something that might endear one particular candidate over another.  In fact, the goal of political commercials are to create in a person a feeling that they share a common bond with the candidate.  There is nothing wrong with relating to some aspect of a candidate’s life, whether that is religion, race, alma mater or something entirely different.  What would be irresponsible would be basing your entire decision upon that bond. For example, Harry Reid is a Mormon yet our shared religion is not enough for me to overlook his stand on abortion and healthcare.
Not unlike my liberal friends, I fear people will vote for Obama because of a bond that is much less trivial than religion.  Obama has become our Celebrity-in-Chief.   When did being cool, listening to Jay-Z and using slang in speech become what we want our country to stand for? When did civility and class disappear? I certainly hope that Obama voters are voting for him because of what he stands for economically and politically not because he is friends with the ladies on The View.

  I believe that when the election of a president, senator, congressman, or even mayor becomes a popularity contest based on coolness and swagger (much like a homecoming queen) we are in serious trouble as a country.  We lose credibility and respect throughout the world.  We have been given tremendous responsibility in America. We were blessed with an abundance of natural resources and people full of ingenuity, but we are squandering our opportunity to be the world’s leader.  Where much is given much is required and we are not living up to our responsibility.  The left might make the argument that we don’t want the responsibility.  That is the same selfish, entitled and again child-like mind-set that is corrupting our culture and making us less and less relevant in the world community. This is the group that encourages borrowing with no thought of how or if we will ever be able to pay it back. That debt not only threatens our economy it is also a national security issue.  
Why am I voting for Mitt Romney?  Well, it is not because I am a racist or because Romney is a Mormon.  I am voting for Mitt because like me, he is pro-life.  I am offended by the Obama campaign treating women like walking reproductive organs, whose only issues are discarding unwanted children.  I am voting for Mitt because I believe that someone who is filthy rich is proof positive that he knows how to manage money. Wealth is part of the American dream not something an individual should be punished for attaining. I certainly prefer someone who is a proven success to run the greatest nation on earth than an individual receiving on the job training. I am voting for Mitt because he believes in our military.  I believe that when our foreign service officers ask for needed security he will send in the reinforcements required. I am voting for Mitt because he believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman. I am voting for Mitt because he doesn’t regard oil as something evil, rather a necessity. He believes that we need to capitalize on our own resources and become energy independent. I am voting for Mitt because he is less concerned with his image and more concerned with the American people.  I am voting for Mitt because he recognizes the need for health care reform yet he also recognizes the disastrous effects of Obamacare. I am voting for Mitt because he believes that government should be a minimal presence in our daily life.  He believes, like I do, that we should be able to manage our own money.  He believes in Capitalism.  He believes in the constitution.

I have met the Romney’s. I have volunteered with Mitt’s campaign. I have trusted friends who have close personal relationships with the family.  This is a good man, with an excellent family.  He is not the soulless robot that he has been portrayed.  He honestly cares about this country just like you and me. The media used to be the fourth estate in our checks and balance system of government.  It saddens me that it has become the medium for promulgating propaganda. This fact makes it imperative that every American do his or her homework and study the issues that matter most to them. Do not just go along with what is en vogue. Do the right thing, do the smart thing and vote for Romney on November 6th.


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Amber Brown said...

Well put. I agree and get SO frustrated with the implication that being conservative or republican equates to being intolerant, racist, and hating of anyone less fortuante. It doesn't. I once had a good liberal friend tell me "I felt like a democrat" implying that I was in the wrong party since I was such a kind, loving person. Really? And I get even more annoyed with the idea that any woman who votes for Mitt is somehow brainwashed and/or uneducated because obviously she would not support someone who wants to take away all of her free choice. We need to remember that intelligent well meaning people can disagree.

Kristin said...

You have such a great way of putting everything you write. I envy that in you...among other things. Good job!

G&G said...

amen and amen. I was so sad when he lost and disappointed in our country.

Tracy said...

Loved this article!!! You have a gift for writing, you are able to put into words every republicans thoughts exactly! I would've loved to post this in facebook a few weeks ago but I just saw it. Thanks for writing it!