Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Love Lucy

A couple of weeks ago we got a cat. She is a year old and goes by the name of Lucy. Not that she really requires a name, it isn't like she answers when we call.  We brought her home and she disappeared for at least 36 hours. We couldn't find her anywhere until she was finally discovered in a vent in our basement. Boy, was I relieved I was convinced she had curled up in a ball somewhere, killed over, and our house was going to start stinking.
She doesn't let us pet her, seldom lets the children get anywhere near her, and we only see her for about 10 minutes a day. She uses her litter box and eats what we feed her but other than that she is essentially a ghost lurking around the house and hiding from us. The only person she ever wants to be around is Scott and he claims he is allergic to her, go figure. I gotta say, she is a little creepy. I feel like she is always watching me even though I have no idea where she is.  She is definitely low maintenance and either the best pet ever or the absolute worst.  Here are some rare pictures of Harley & Lucy. I think she only came out because she was so impressed with Harley's fantastic outfit choice. Despite her anti-social behavior and how totally unimportant she makes us all feel, we love Lucy and are definitely glad she is part of the family.


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