Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Night

Monday night we were not sure if Halloween would go on as scheduled and while the boys' school parties were cancelled and Trunk or Treat was moved to Saturday, Halloween night went on as planned. We hit a record 32 houses this year and have enough candy to last until springtime. If a person tried to put candy in Harley's bag, she would push their hand away and exclaim, "I can do it myself."  while grabbing a huge handful from the candy bowl. She would then run off yelling behind her, "Happy Halloween Night!" Needless to say she ended up with the most candy of the evening.  Therefore, the boys were perfectly content with combining all of the candy and sharing. After all, it was the fair thing to do.

Atley the Fireman

 Nash the Angry King Pig

Harley the Chicken
Here they are at the end of the evening each respectively slipping into a sugar coma.



Sara said...

Great photos! I'm glad Nash didn't mind the angry bird!

G&G said...

cute costumes, glad the kids got to go trick or treating.