Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Change of Season

I have noticed that with each change of season come the annual events that have gradually become our traditions as a family--summer trips to Colorado, first days of school,  playing in the fallen leaves, winter's first snowfall, Christmas Eve, Kite Festival, and the inevitable first creature- captures of spring.  On the cusp of my 35th birthday, I somehow find it comforting that each change of season brings something new and exciting and the chance to solidify these little traditions with my children.  With spring we have already captured a furry fat caterpillar that we named Fuzzo. We watched it build a chrysalis and turn into a beautiful yellow and black butterfly that has been fluttering around our backyard for 4 days straight. Yet, he keeps eluding my camera lens.  We have also caught exactly 3 noisy toads and 45 million worms and grubs. Today came our first turtle of the season.  He was an exceptional afternoon playmate for the children and I couldn't help but take lots of photos of our annual turtle tradition.

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