Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Life in an Instant

While on hold with the kid's pediatrician this afternoon I started thumbing through the pictures on my phone.  I have collected about a million, okay maybe a thousand pictures of really poor quality there. A few made the cut to Instagram but most are just my own little memories. I thought I would share a few I collected throughout the past month. 
Getting her hair trimmed! 
Date night! 
A visit to Atley's favorite restaurant, Cheesecake Factory, for finally getting 10 positive behavior points from his teacher. 
A date to Alden Theatre to see Raggedy Ann & Andy, the musical. 
Allergies so bad, you have to sleep with a roll of toilet paper. 
Scott's trip to NYC and Madison Square Garden to see the Cougars play in the NIT Final Four. 
Lots of costumes and scooter riding. 
A surprise visit to Nash's cafeteria with McDonald's! 
Waiting for a plane. I have three of the best Air-Travelers around. 
Getting the pool ready. 
And apparently I fell asleep in the hammock at some point. 

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