Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015

We had a lovely, wonderful, magical Christmas.  Granny was here to spend the week with us and we kept her very busy. We spent a night in Williamsburg, VA visiting Busch Gardens and celebrating the holidays and Nash's birthday at Great Wolf Lodge. It was fun for all of us except Scott who lost his phone on the scariest roller coaster ever, The VERBOLTEN!

 Christmas Eve was spent with our good friends The Johnson's. We ate,  reenacted the Nativity, ate, Granny bought the kids a pinata, and we ate.
Christmas day was quiet.  We were all tired from the previous few day's festivities.  We actually, had Mac & Cheese for Christmas dinner. Most of our day was spent being entertained by Scott as he attempted to get Atley's new drone out of a tree. The kids spent the day playing with their new toys and a trip to the movie theater to finally see the new STAR WARS movie. 

To ease the tinge of sadness that always arrives the day after Christmas, we drove to Delaware to watch one of our favorites, Jimmer Fredette play basketball. We even got to meet up with him and former BYU pitcher Kolton Mahoney after the game.
 Harley's favorite part of the day was getting her face-painted and the battle balls.
Here is wishing everyone a wonderful New Year!

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you should give atley more presents