Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy Birthday Boys!

I love these two A LOT!

Harley made Nash the most thoughtful book full of all his favorite things, Big Nate, Angry Birds, and the Baltimore Ravens.  So sweet! 
Tonight we celebrated the birthday of two of my favorite people. I won't get too mushy about the husband. I will just say he is a great husband, a great dad, a great provider, a great cougar fan, a great popcorn and pancake maker, a great fixer of anything, a great karaoke singer, a great Mountain Dew drinker and a terrible impersonator but I thank him for still trying and for always making me laugh.
My sweet baby Nash. My beautiful baby boy.  My baby that refused to open his eyes for at least a week. My dark-haired angel. You are the heart of our home.  You are our dancing bear and our sports fanatic.You are a peacemaker and you have the kindest soul of anyone I have ever known. You are keenly aware of the needs and desires of others and gladly put yourself second to help another. You are such a hard worker and a natural leader.  You have been given some tremendous gifts from your Heavenly Father, that not only influence the members of your family but all those who come in contact with you.  We feel so privileged that Heavenly Father sent you to us.  We love you forever and always! 
Happy 9th birthday Jo Jo Pet!

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G&G said...

It's top late to call and wish happy birthday, will try tomorrow evening. Looks like a fun celebration....