Friday, June 18, 2010

I love me some babies!!!

This week I am so thankful for babies. I love how babies never have morning breath or stinky feet. I love that a baby's skin is always soft. I love that they smell sweet and love to snuggle. I love the way babies have to completely trust and rely upon you.

I love that babies cannot talk back or criticize. I love the innocence in their eyes. I love that babies can burp and fart in public and everyone thinks it is cute. I love how the fatter the baby the more you want to kiss and squeeze them. I am just disappointed that those same feelings don't last throughout adulthood.
I love that babies have very simple taste--milk! I love how you can show even a tiny baby a picture of the Savior and she seems to remember Him and smile.

I love me some babies, especially mine!


tsbabutler said...

your little girl to dress up :)!

Britt Butler said...

gosh she looks just like you melisa! she is just precious and i CANNOT wait to meet her and snuggle her! (p.s. i could totally hear your voice saying "i love me some babies!" :D)

Janae Walker said...

agree 100% i just wish i could get away with chunky thighs in stripey stretch pants. i love the is gorgeous!

Evan and Lauren said...

Oh, she is so precious! I am sure the boys are just going to spoil her... and always protect her. You say the word and we will have a Scentsy party!

Roscoe and Daisy said...

She is adorable and precious! Love her blessing outfit!