Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rehoboth Beach-Unofficial Start of Summer

Even though Atley still has more than 3 weeks of school left, we unofficially started summer this weekend with a trip to Delaware to the beach. I also thought it would be tons of fun to try and squeeze into a swimming suit 4 weeks postpartum and boy-oh-boy was I sexy!!! Despite the humbling experience of the swimsuit, we had a great time and baby Harley was perfect, the boys-not so much. I think the sound of the waves made Harley feel like she was in the womb again because she would instantly fall asleep when we got to the beach. We went with some of Scott's co-workers, who were tons of fun and very understanding and patient with our children. We also had the most gracious hosts who allowed us to stay in their beautiful beach house and eat their yummy food. Thanks DJ, Erin, Bobby, Nikki, Sabrina, Eileen, and Mark! It was an amazing weekend.




Shawn Butler said...

What a pretty little baby! Harley looks so cute in her beach pictures! We miss you guys.

G&G said...

Looks like you had fun time and Scott's phone call concurs. Glad you went and what a fun way to start the summer.