Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thankful Thursdays!

I am trying to be more thankful for the many things I have been given, so, I have decided to designate Thursday as my day to express gratitude. My goal is to try to recognize the less obvious things. The things that perhaps I often overlook. That being said today I am thankful for MODERN MEDICINE.

My babies nor myself would have survived childbirth if not for the blessings of modern medicine.

Nash would have most likely died without the surgery he had when he was just six weeks old. Those are huge blessings!
Last week Atley had a terrible headache. I gave him some Motrin, which made him feel better, temporarily anyway. I took him to the doctor. They administered a throat culture. We had the results in minutes. He had strep. He was put on a prescription and within twelve hours he felt like new. Just less than one hundred years ago, he might have suffered for weeks without relief and the strep could have developed into even more serious illnesses. It might seem so simple and mundane but really it's a blessing!
Harley has already been vaccinated for several childhood diseases. She will never have to worry about the debilitating effects of polio or hepatitis. I know that vaccines are a bit controversial but I for one am very grateful for them and what they have been proven to prevent.


G&G said...

yes wonderful lives we are able to live with all the advancement in the medical field. That baby girl is growing, we are so excited to see her in a few weeks.

Janae Walker said...

modern medicine really is a miracle. it amazes me every day! i am glad that all your kids are here! they are just so cute :)