Sunday, November 21, 2010

Family Pictures

This weekend we bravely went where many other parents have gone before--to the mall, for family pictures. Our experience was similar to all of our previous family picture days, full of stress, tears, yelling, some disappointment a lot of frustration and of course a whole bunch of wondering why the heck we do this in the first place. But, we survived and we will always look at these pictures and remember how neither Nash's nor his mother's pants fit and how Nash also refused to wear anything but his cowboy boots. We will remember how the sleeves on Harley's dress nearly cut off her circulation, but that she learned what all women must, comfort is secondary to beauty. Scott will be reminded how grateful he is that I don't pick out his clothes everyday. And Atley will probably remember this day as the day he really began disliking his parents. What kind of people get mad at their kid for being too happy at the picture place? As always it was definitely a pleasure making these lasting memories!!!

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Roscoe and Daisy said...

They are all so adorable Melissa! That Harley looks so squeezable and darling! I know family pictures are so stressful to get but worth to have in the end. You guys look great and such a cute family!!! Miss you guys!