Wednesday, November 10, 2010

OWLeluja it's Turkey Time!

I have an ENORMOUS list of crafts on my TO-DO LIST. Each day that list grows longer while my time seems to be more and more limited. A small miracle happened today. I had nothing important to do. No appointments, no groceries to buy, no laundry, no school or church stuff, and my house wasn't even that dirty- so, I went on a craft marathon. First, I made Harley this turkey shirt with some fabric scraps, heat 'n bond, a ONESIE, and some embroidery thread. I thought it was adorable. Nash did too, even though he didn't know what it was. He called it a STAR POTATO. Hey, I like to craft. I never said I was good at it.

Every turkey princess needs a matching bow for her turkey outfit. I love this flower pin/bow tutorial at this BLOG. I would have loved to take a picture of her with the turkey shirt and the hair bow, but alas her bowels were not so cooperative today.
She is my little muse and because she already had a shirt, and a bow, and I still had left over fabric scraps, I had to make her something else. I opted for a trendy owl toy. I stuffed a crinkly grocery bag inside to make him nice and noisy, plus I added the tags to make him irresistible to baby.

Now, a little something for momma! I call this my TEN MINUTE T-SHIRT PURSE. Why, you may ask, because it obviously only took me ten minutes. My most favorite T-shirt, my KILLERS shirt, had a small tear and a big stain but I could never bear to part with it. Here is my solution. First, turn the shirt inside out and cut across, just under the armpits.
Sew a 1/2 inch stitch, just below your cut. Turn right side out and make two-slits in the hem of your shirt on opposite ends. This is the bottom of what used to be your shirt. Be careful to only slit the hem.
Next,take two LONG pieces of ribbon. Fasten a safety pin on one piece and slip it through one side of the hem of the shirt. Repeat with the second ribbon.

When both ribbons have been pushed through the hem tie a knot in each ribbon, creating two separate straps. Then hide the knot in your hem.
If you want you can add a flower. I made this one following this TUTORIAL.
Finally, (are you as tired as I am), I made this OWL BUNTING. I used pinking shears to cut out the shapes of the owl, owl belly, owl eyes, and beak. I glued the pieces onto the owl body and then the entire owl onto a piece of card stock. I added buttons for eyes. I sewed the owls together and added ribbon to hang.

Tomorrow, I have lots to do. It is truly amazing what a disaster your house becomes when you take the day off.


natalie said...

cute stuff!

G&G said...

So creative and seems like a day that lots was accomplished. Lots of days to clean. :-)

Janae Walker said...

seriously! you are too crafty! i need to take lessons or maybe just come and use your sewing machine (that is required for most things i want to do and i do not own one yet)! so cute! i love that nash called it a star potato!