Monday, February 7, 2011

Monster Trucks, Snow Forts, & Colorado

I have much to blog about and I fear only seconds until Harley needs her BA-BA and Nash needs his choco-milk. So, here is my best attempt at speed blogging. First, a couple of weeks ago we took the family to MONSTER JAM at the Verizon Center. While I imagined that Monster trucks would be loud I had no idea just how loud. Fortunately, Harley lives with Atley and Nash so it didn't really phase her too much. A great time was had by all!

Daddy and the boys built an igloo by repeatedly filling a bucket full of the heaviest, wettest snow you could possibly imagine. Scott was sore for days!

We traveled to Colorado for the funeral of my cousin Tia last week. The boys, who didn't understand the sadness surrounding the trip, were very excited to see family and friends and of course spend time at Granny's house. We took some very special pictures of the kids with their Great-Grandparents, including baby Harley with her Great-Grandpa Harley. That's right, she wasn't actually named after a motorcycle.

Harley with Harley aka Great-Grandpa G. & all the kids with Great-Grandma & Grandpa Gilleland!
The kids and I with Granny at the funeral dinner.
My babies with Great-Grandpa & Grandma Edgar. Each time we visit Grandma always makes me lunch, usually one of my favorites. She never fails to make chocolate chip cookies for the kids. Atley claims these chocolate chip cookies are the best in the world. We are so lucky to still have both sets of grandparents in our life. We love them very much!

And a couple of pictures of Harley just because she's cute!

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The Driggs said...

So sorry for the loss of your cousin. It's hard for kids to grasp the concept of it sometimes. I love that you went to the Monster Truck race with the kids. I also love that Scott is covering Harley's ears because I'm sure it was loud. And way cool igloo! Moments like that make me want to live in the snow....wait, I mean VISIT the snow.