Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day-Butler Style

I made about forty LOVE JUICE Valentine's for Atley's classmates and friends. There was only one problem. They wouldn't all fit in his backpack. So, bright and early I loaded all three kids in the van and headed for the school. Of course I couldn't park anywhere near the building because the parent's of 800 other children needed to get there at the same time. Parking three blocks away, I loaded my box of water onto the double stroller and then turned to get Harley unbuckled and loaded into the stroller as well. Somehow, when I turned my back the box of water tumbled to the ground into the muddy melting snow. The bottles rolled into the street, down the sidewalk, and under the van. Most of the painstakingly written Valentine notes fell off the bottles and got muddied in the muck. Muttering under my breath, I set to the task of finding all of the bottles. Harley was crying and Nash was complaining about being cold, and Atley was encouraging me loudly to hurry because he was going to be late for school. Suddenly, he got really quiet. He grabbed me and said, "Mom, hurry! Here comes Lauren. Find her Valentine fast." Lauren is Atley's tutor. (see a previous post) I found Lauren's Valentine and it actually wasn't completely destroyed. He proudly presented his gift. She sweetly thanked him and then gave him a HUGE hug. I watched as he gazed at her walking away down the sidewalk. When she finally turned the corner, he said, "Well, I don't know about you but this has already been the best Valentine's Day of my life."
Maybe I will just let the pictures tell the rest of our Valentine story, with one side note. Today was gorgeous-like 60 degrees. We were able to spend the afternoon at the park. It was incredible, like being liberated after spending months in a tiny cell of sore throats, cold toes, and snotty noses.

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