Monday, February 28, 2011


The last four days have been a roller coaster of emotional parenting moments. Most of these moments have served as a reminder that I might be a prime candidate for the Worst Mother of the Year Award. We have dealt with the trivial problems of Nash's poor eating habits and his primary antics, a seriously upsetting conference at Atley's school, and a near choking and eating of a LEGO from the baby. (No worries the LEGO was pooped out safely yesterday at church.) To top it all off, I had one of those mornings that required me to lay on the bed and suck it in just to get my pants zipped. Yeah, kids don't just do a number on your heart they also completely destroy the waistline as well. "What's up with that?" I wondered as I went to the fridge for another No-Bake cookie. Don't judge, I am discouraged and I deserve it!
Okay, maybe it is time to take a good long hard look at myself. Don't you hate it when you feel compelled to examine your life and most importantly figure out what you could do better? I can't help but feel overwhelmed sometimes. How are these kiddos ever going to survive in this world that we live in? So, it is in this "down on my parenting skills" funk that I began looking at some of the pictures stored on my camera. There were a bunch of Harley that I never downloaded or posted. She always makes me happy. Although there is also this nagging paranoia when I look at her. I find myself thinking, "What challenges are you going to have to face little girl?" It makes me a little nervous that I might not be up to this daunting task of preparing her or any of my kids for these challenges. Nobody warned me that motherhood was going to get harder than sleepless nights with a new born.
To make a long story a little longer, Harley has inspired me to do a little and be a little better today.
She loves Nash! He is always ready and willing to kiss and love on her. He especially enjoys joining her in her crib in the morning.
Bath time is a daily favorite. I tell her, "Wash the baby!" and she rubs the wash rag all over her chubby tummy. She loves pushing on her own belly's squishiness. I do too.In the true tradition of females all over the world, Harley loves shoes. She is quite the budding fashionista.She is a monster on all fours. We call her the human vacuum. And yes, we hope she meets a boy just like Jimmer someday!


Thefab4 said...

I have to agree with you!!! It's hard. I have to hear from Blaine's teacher almost daily about him not paying attention in class. (Kindergarten) And her take on WHY! It's been from vision, allergies, too smart, A.D.D. ... It's crazy!!! All the while I question myself as a mother! Here's to trying to try EVEN harder!!! :D With the Lord's help we will make it!!!

Tracy said...

I love how open and honest you are :) It makes me feel more normal. My kids like to run away from me the minute we go outside, they're running down the street and I have to catch them to put them into the car. Happens every time. It scares me because sometimes they run in the street too!!