Monday, February 21, 2011

Saturday with Madam Tussuad

The family visited Madam Tussaud's wax museum on Saturday. Honestly, we probably had a bit too much fun posing with the figures. Atley's favorite part was when he stood next to President James Madison. They were almost the same size. He is now officially convinced he is ready to run for office. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them!
Nash does jumping jacks while we wait in line to get into the museum. Yes, in D.C. even Madam Tussuad's has a line.

Next, Atley
and Nash cross the Delaware with General Washington.

Scott gets an introduction to Thomas Jefferson and Nash sits with Abraham Lincoln at Ford's Theater. Good thing John Wilkes Booth was such a great shot.

My nerves of steel withstand an intense interrogation with J. Edgar Hoover at CIA headquarters.

Atley and Nash sit in Rosa Parks' bus seat. Atley has always had a fascination with Rosa Parks and Teddy Roosevelt. Weird, right?
Scott tells Dr. King about his dreams.
I become yet another woman between Jackie and JFK and the boys walk on the moon.Bob Woodward and I get up close and personal. But my feminine charms were not enough to convince him to leave poor Tricky Dick alone. Sorry, President Nixon. I tried. Scott poses with good ol' President Reagan.
The Butler's and the Obama's or the "No Bomb Ya's" as Nash refers to the first family. Plus, President Butler makes a crucial call from the Oval Office.
Atley helps Tiger size up his next putt and then plays a little piano with Duke Ellington.

Scott and Nash with Britney Spears. Trust me, she is just as trashy as a wax figure.

"Sir, please remove your hand's from J. Lo's ghetto bootie!"

"Tom will you still love me even if I am not a Scientologist?"

Oh, Johnny talk Jack Sparrow to me!

Harley becomes the next fresh face on a $100 dollar bill.

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