Sunday, May 15, 2011

Concert Time

Every spring there are free kid's concerts in the park near our home.  They take place on Wednesday afternoons and are always lots of fun. Last week we went and saw FARMER JASON!  I wanted to post some of the pictures.  The day confirmed what I have been noticing for awhile, Harley is much different than the boys and I don't just mean anatomically.  Nash was practically on the stage during the concert. Actually, he really was on the stage a few times, until he was kindly asked to get down.
 Meanwhile, Harley was nervous being in the crowd.
Her thumb is her comfort. The thumb goes in the mouth when she is scared, sad, nervous, or even really excited.  She had a great time dancing to the music but refused to do it without her soothing thumb planted in her pretty little mouth. She can sure swivel those baby hips though. 
However, the moment anyone would look at her and smile. She would drop into my lap and pretend to sleep. She is hilarious.
I think she is definitely a keeper!

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Wendie said...

I love to see pictures of your sweet Harley. I so miss the days of a baby wandering around my house looking for me.