Tuesday, May 3, 2011

FUN! Fun! Harley's ONE!

At exactly 2:19 PM on May 3, Harley Belle turned the big "1"!  I sure feel alot better today than I did last year. Unfortunately, Harley does not. She has been terribly sick since Saturday. The doctor says it is just a virus, but she is not eating, drinking, sleeping, or playing.  Granny surprised us by making a special trip for Harley and my birthday but things obviously didn't work out quite as planned. We were going to celebrate on Sunday but she was much too sick as was her brother Atley. Monday she was also too sick.  Today she was probably still too sick but it was her actual birthday, plus Granny had to leave so we went ahead with the party sans guests. She didn't smile much, wasn't interested in her cake and went to bed at 6PM.  Let's hope she still parties the same way when she's seventeen. 
We love you Harley Belle!  Get well soon so you can enjoy your presents! Mommy will save you a cupcake!


jenny said...

Love the birthday pictures! Can't wait to see all of you in person! And hoping that won't be much longer :) think of you often.... jenny c

Ginny Lubin Butler said...

Happy birthday, Harley! What a DARLING party! I love the Olivia books.

Nik said...

Happy BIrthday Miss Harley! Such a beautiful girl, I hope you are feeling better.