Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Look Who's 7!

Seven years ago last Sunday Atley came into the world and honestly, I don't think that the world will ever be the same. I personally, have been a nervous wreck ever since.  He has been a marvel to watch grow.  His mind works at an entirely different speed and on an entirely different level than most people. This fact presents challenges on occasion but also makes for very few dull moments at our home.  We love him more than life itself and think we are pretty lucky that he was sent to us. 
Did I mention that he also has a way of prolonging a birthday over several days or even a week?  Read on and learn from the master. 
His partying began at school on Friday when I took in these Cup-of-Dirt Cupcakes into his classroom.
 He convinced us that he should celebrate his birthday on Saturday because he was sure that he was going to get money. Since, he obviously couldn't spend that money on Sunday, it was only logical that he open his presents on Saturday.  He had a valid point!  

    Little did we know he would wake up at dawn. It was like Christmas revisited. We made him get in bed with us for an hour before we finally relented and let him wake up his brother and sister. We sent him on a scavenger hunt throughout the yard to find all of his presents.  Boy were the neighbors excited to be awakened by screaming children at 6AM on a Saturday morning.  
Atley requested Lemon Cheesecake for his birthday.  I think it might have been because he is the only person in the family who likes Lemon Cheesecake, therefore he wouldn't have to share. He is always thinking!
Of course, all he wanted was airplanes or airport stuff and money to buy more airplanes and airport stuff. So, that is exactly what he got.  He also received this giant bear that his sister adores. Note:  She is a tad tired considering the early nature of the festivities.

I have to add these pictures and say that I bought the Big Brown Bear at Costco. Harley was completely overcome with excitement when she saw it. She spent the rest of the shopping trip lying on top of it in the shopping cart.  Then when I put him in the seat next to her for the ride home, she could hardly contain her joy.  However, after taking a closer look at the pictures, I realized that not only was it a little scary for me to be snapping pictures while driving, but apparently my Middle Child spends a lot less time in his carseat than I realized.

Atley also received a Jump Rocket that his brother Nash especially enjoyed and Atley used a few times too.

After cheesecake for breakfast, it was time to go to Atley's soccer game.  Apparently, cheesecake should be the new Wheaties, because he had an amazing game-scoring 2 goals.  He was so fast I had trouble getting any good pictures, with the exception of his water break.

Doesn't Harley make a cute little cheerleader?  I can't really say why she only has on one shoe though. Well, the day was not over yet.  We had the Airshow at Andrew's Airforce Base still on the agenda. I will save pictures of that event for another post. 
On Sunday, the real birthday, Atley had his favorite food-5 Cheese Ravioli, from the frozen food section of Costco for lunch.  Then we made and decorated airplane shaped cookies!  By the way, Nash seldom wears a shirt. He has a real caveman quality to him.  I am thinking of changing his name to Bam Bam!

Thank goodness this kid only has one birthday a year because I feel like I am still recovering. Actually, that is just my life with this little boy. I am always recovering from my whirlwind named Atley.

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G&G said...

Glad he had such a fun celebration and in the true "Butler tradition" drug it out for days and days. :-)