Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Favorite Things Revisited

Oprah's leaving daytime TV and with her goes her infamous Favorite Things Episodes.  But, since I am obviously not Oprah, I will still be sharing my favorite things.  Unfortunately, I  won't be giving away anything.  However, you are more than welcome to go purchase all of these items with your own money as soon as possible.

There are two things that I love about Target, the DOLLAR aisles at the front of the store that can grant my children instant shopping gratification and Archer Farms Creamy Tomato Penne.  Trust me, this stuff is yummy!
In case you have been living under a rock, Scentsy is a company that sells Wax Warmers and at least a million different wax scents to smell up your house. My favorite scent is Black Raspberry Vanilla. This scent lasts the longest and spreads like the measles to every room in your house.

This is my new favorite cleanser and face cream.  There is something that makes me excited about washing my face now that I have this handy-dandy little brush and the cream feels fantastic.

I do wash my hair but sometimes it only happens every couple of days, which makes this stuff a must have.  Best thing about it, $5 at Wal-Mart.

I have some guilty pleasures and General Hospital is one of them.  I think I have been watching this show since birth. I am bringing up Harley in the same tradition.  In fact, her first word was Sonny! (GH's main character)  Now with the modern convenience of a DVR, General Hospital is almost always the last thing I see before drifting off to sleep in my bed at night.

Good news! These can be bought in ENORMOUS packages at Costco!

I am not a very healthy person as verified by my two favorite breakfast foods-Eggo's and Entenmann's Chocolate donuts.

When I was a teacher, I secretly liked the kids who smelled like fabric softener more.  This is why I use at least 3 gallons of Downy April Fresh per week.  My kids are going to need all the help they can get.

Dial Foaming Anti-Bacterial Soap lasts longer and is just fun. Who doesn't like Foam?

My favorite photo-editing website is PICNIK.  Visit Picnik and you can edit your photos, make collages, print, and much more FREE!

No, The Killers have not broken up, but their beautiful front man Brandon Flowers has made a solo album called Crossfire and it is FABULOUS!!  Love ya rock star boyfriend!

If this is wrong, I don't want to be right!

Reading should be educational at times, but occasionally it should also just be fun!  I think the cookbook/murder mystery books are my favorite escape. This is brain candy at its finest.  Joanne Fluke has at least a dozen of these fun books and Josi Kilpack is an LDS author whom I love.

Every crafter needs a Cricut and that's why I have mine.  A few months ago I was in Michael's and this little wonder machine was marked down from $259 to $49.  I wasn't really sure what it did but with a sale like that I knew I had to have one.  This machine cuts paper and even fabric into letters, numbers, and lots of fun shapes and objects.

Once as a teenager I read about Thomas Jefferson's enormous collection of books, which inspired me to collect as many as possible.  Problem:  Books are heavy and they take up space! Still, when I first heard about the Kindle I was sceptical.  What about my personal Monticello?  But, once I had one, I knew I would never look back.  It is also my way of pacifying Atley.  Any time he complains about how our family is not doing enough for the environment.  I explain how my Kindle is saving the trees.  Thanks Virginia Public Schools!  Anyway, onto the glorious item. Here is a story about my KINDLES.  Yes, that was plural.  Atley broke my first Kindle by dropping it off of a six foot ledge onto the tile below.  I called Amazon and was completely truthful about what happened. They sent me a new one within 24 hours-FREE.  Sunday, I discovered that my Kindle had once again been tampered with, this time at the hands of Nash.  My new one will be here tomorrow.  Can't beat customer service like that!

You will no longer need lipstick with this stuff!

I also like these guys quite a bit too! Sorry they are no longer available for purchase. But I am willing to loan out the small ones in 2 hour increments.


Wendie said...

Done! When do I schedule my two hours?

Evan and Lauren said...

Love it! (Especially love how one of your favorite things is Scentsy:) I need to try that dry shampoo!! The one I have is like $14 and is gone in a week.