Thursday, May 16, 2013

D.C. Dudes

When you go to school with the children of Diplomats, when you almost run over a Secret Service Agent walking his Senator while you are riding your bike, when you go to church with Hillary Clinton's personal assistant and Mitt Romney's biggest campaign contributor and when you live 500 yards away from CIA headquarters you might be a little more aware of world events and politics than most kids. Raising a family here is a little different than the way I grew up. In some ways it is fantastic and sometimes not so much.  Let me give you some examples. 
Atley recently decided to make a list of what he would do if he were president of the United States.
1. Lower Taxes by $4989
2. Make more taxes go to the poor people, like my family.
3. Make my friends and family's birthdays national holidays.
4. Make the Japanese Maple the National Bush.
When I asked him how he planned on getting elected he said,  "I am going to rent a plane and distribute fliers all over the country and I am going to use a really persuasive font."
While that seems harmless, the other day I walked in to an all out war going on in my kitchen.

The boys informed me they were dressed up like the allied forces and there mission was to destroy this person.
This picture was taped to the window.  At first I was a little scared that they were shooting at me, what with the caption and all, but then I noticed the flag and realized that they were dethroning non-other than Kim Jung Sun, the North Korean Dictator. 


Melinda said...

Persuasive font, this kid is a genius.

G&G said...

At least they know who the bad guys really are.