Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ups & Downs

Dear Atley,

Remember a few weeks ago at the Rain Gutter Regatta when you lost your very first race after working so hard on your boat.  You lost your temper and ripped the sail off of your boat and growled like a little wild animal in frustration. I made you leave and we both cried the whole way home.  We were both disappointed. We felt like failures, you because you lost the race and your temper and me because I felt like perhaps I hadn't taught you the things you needed to know to handle situations like that.

The very next day the bookstore finally had all of the Bad Kitty books you love and I told you we could go get them. Your friend Niel was at our house and he came along.  You were so excited to get those books. Then you asked me if Niel could get a book too. I told you I didn't have enough money with me to buy anymore books than the one's in your hand. You graciously put down one of your beloved books so that Niel could have one for himself.  I cried the whole way home but this time they were happy tears and judging by the smile on your face you were feeling the same joy.

You bravely bore your testimony in church on Sunday. You just walked right up without encouragement or preparation in front of 400+ people and offered the most pure testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ I have ever heard.  Everyone recognized your love of the Lord and the light of Christ in your countenance.

Atley you are good and kind and brave and you also make mistakes  That is okay, so do I, so do all of us.  As long as you are trying your best, the good you do will always outweigh the bad.  You are such a blessing to your brother and sister. You never fail to include them and protect them in all situations and I couldn't love you more. Life will be full of ups and downs but you are strong and your positive attitude will bless you and everyone around you. Thank you for being you.

Love You Always,

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