Friday, May 3, 2013

Yippee! Harley's 3

My baby turned three today, although she assures me that she is still a baby. Well, she's partly right, she will always be my baby.  All I know is that she is the most hilarious, expressive and fashion-forward 3 year old on the planet. Of course I am her mother and I am supposed to think that way.  She is headstrong and smart, perhaps a little manipulative at times, OCD, independent and has the most beautiful face I have ever seen. Again I am her mother and I am supposed to think that way. She planned her birthday, which included her brothers skipping school, and as I sit here at the end of the day I am feeling just how utterly exhausting those plans were. 
It all began about 7AM when she insisted on cake and ice cream for breakfast followed by presents.

After playing with her new toys for awhile, she insisted we all go swimming in the hot tub. After lunch we went to one of her favorite places-the library, followed by the Leesburg Animal Park. She was in heaven there.  She is such an animal lover and has no fear of any creature large or small.

 Of course no day is truly complete without at least one trip to McDonald's and the playground. 
 I hope you enjoyed your day princess! We love you more than you know.

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G&G said...

Looks like Harley's birthday was fun for all.