Monday, August 12, 2013

Date Night: Atley Style

I am attempting to be more vigilant at spending one-on-one time with each child.  Atley was the first to go on a date with mom.  Something about that sentence sort of creeps me out, but for lack of a better term I will refer to the evening as a date.  We had pizza in Old Town at a place called Bugsy's! It is stinky and sketchy but has super yummy pizza. I wouldn't recommend trying anything else there though!
We walked down to the water front and decided what yacht he was going to buy us when he made his millions.
Around dusk we met our tour guide who took us on a Ghost walk throughout the streets of Alexandria ending in the old cemetery.  It was perfect for kids, especially if your kid isn't afraid of stories about dentists being murder by screwdrivers through the eye.  Atley was completely engrossed. 

For one story we learned the Duke of Kent Waltz. He made an excellent colonial dance partner.  When I asked him what his favorite part was he replied, "I liked learning that Duke Who Can't Waltz Dance." 

 Our last stop of the evening was at Gravelly Point where we watched the planes land. We tried to take pictures but they all turned out like the one above, which I must admit is kind of cool!  While it makes me sad to see the kids getting bigger, it is also tons of fun to be able to do things like this, custom made for bigger kids.

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