Sunday, March 16, 2014

All-About Nash

(Nash at his school's ice-skating party at the Washington Capitals Practice Facility)
Nash is growing up much faster than I would like him to.  He had his first away-from-home-friend sleepover last weekend.  When I dropped him off I told him to call me if he got nervous or sad.  At 10PM I got a phone call.  The caller-id told me it was from Nash.  I must admit I was pretty excited that he might need me or miss me.  I answered. "Hi Mom!" (Hi, buddy what's wrong?)  "Nothin' ! Just wanted to say Peace Out, Home Dog!" (Click)  Well, it wasn't exactly the phone call I was expecting or wanting but it was something.  I also wanted to brag on Nash for a bit. Last semester he won his school's citizenship award for showing kindness and respect for others.  So, while he wants us all to believe he is super macho he has a genuinely kind heart-a mischievous heart, but a kind heart.  Things have been challenging for him, especially at school this year.  I am not writing this to embarrass him but rather I hope he reads it someday and realizes how much he has overcome with hard work and perseverance and that he can do anything he puts his mind and heart into.  He has made so much progress because he is determined to be a success and he is the greatest success story I know. He is smart, talented and loving and I'm so proud he is my baby boy.
(He loves watching Hockey. I think the Olympics peaked his interest.)
(One of Nash's favorite spots-perched on top of the counter playing Angry Birds or Star Wars!)

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