Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Boogers or Brain Juice

(The boys dressed up for career day-a pilot and a soldier)
Warning:  If you are queasy do not read this post!
Last week while waiting for the bus Atley made a giant sneeze, one that resulted in goobers being projected all over the car. I thought I had it all cleaned up until Nash went to get out of the car and I noticed his hair was covered in snot.  As I hurriedly began to clean it up, he said, "Stop mom! Is some of the snot red and bloody?"  My reply, "Yeah!" His answer, "Then leave it there. It will look so cool. I'll tell everyone my head has been busted open and it is brain juice leaking all over me!"  Atley and Harley agreed that Nash's idea was fantastic, but being the terrible mother I am, I decided to clean the snot off of his head.  He wasn't sure he could ever forgive me, but I am hopeful he will be able to work through it.

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