Saturday, March 28, 2015

Circus Freaks

I hate posting pictures that I have taken with my iPhone, but my camera is broken and even though it is killing me, life goes on and life must be recorded even if it is recorded with grainy, unfocused pictures. First world problems, right?  It's a good thing my birthday is right around the corner. Isn't it Mom and Husband? 
Anyway, last weekend we woke up with one of only a handful of Saturdays where there was nothing scheduled, nothing planned and nothing to do.  PANIC!  I suggested we head to the mall for the annual Easter Egg Hunt.  The children, Nash especially, reluctantly grabbed their Easter Baskets with grumbles and came along.
A section of the mall had been cordoned off and the floor was covered with what looked like close to a thousand plastic Easter Eggs and there were kids everywhere, just waiting for the ropes to drop and the drama to begin.  The Butler children put on their game faces and quickly came up with an egg retrieving strategy.  I am proud to say they did an incredible job filling their baskets, their shirts, their pants, and their mouths. After they had all the eggs they could carry we found a place in the always crowded mall to examine the spoils.  Hidden in the eggs, almost miraculously to the children we discovered exactly 5 tickets to the Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey Circus.  What luck!  I knew the circus was coming to town and decided to check my phone on the exact dates.  Well, it was already in town and happening in 2 hours.  We rushed downtown to the Verizon Center and secured our seats and even got to enjoy the pre-show where Harley was made part of the clown's act and we got up-close and personal with the elephants.
It was a surprising turn of events in what we were afraid would be another cold and possibly boring Saturday!

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G&G said...

Love Nash's enthusiasm for the egg hunt, not soooo excited about the Easter Bunny anymore, huh?
Circus, too fun.......