Saturday, March 28, 2015

My Favorite Things Spring Edition

I'm usually an apple pie or cinnamon kind of a girl, but you have to change up your smells in the Spring and Summer. A friend gave me this lovely candle and it is amazing. It might be my favorite Yankee scent ever.
I love the BRIGHT pink lip trend, especially for spring.  My favorite is Satin Fuchsia. It lasts ALL day and doesn't bleed or dry out your lips.  Perfection.
Remember this guy?  Brandon Flowers, The Killers front-man, is releasing a solo album in May. The first single, Can't Deny My Love is available now.  Love it-love him. Still want to be a Rock Star.
My favorite new recipe is this scrumptious Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad. 
The only way I know it is actually spring-time here is because the kids start Spring Break this week, Nash has officially switched from basketball to baseball, and Atley's nose is plugged because of allergies.  Nothing seems to be blooming and it is still freezing cold but the weather man claims that we are only a couple of weeks away from full Cherry Blossom Bloom.  
This next favorite might be a little controversial, but I am so excited that Overalls and Jumpsuits are back in style.  I feel like their comfiness far outweighs their ugliness. Here are two of my favorites from Target!
WARNING:  These Coconut Cashews from Trader Joe's are like CRACK. They are super addictive but oh, so very yummy! Buy a bag or twenty today.
There is something about having fresh flowers in your house that really brightens the mood, even on the dreariest of days. I have always tried to have fresh flowers somewhere in my house.  These bouquets both came from Trader Joe's (a dozen roses for $4.99 right now). But, sometimes I buy them from Safeway or even Wal-Mart and when the weather is better, we like to pick some wild flowers or daffodils ourselves. It doesn't cost a lot and it makes a big difference in the mood and decor of our home. 
My most favorite thing about spring is watching my two favorite lefties play ball.

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G&G said...

Whatjadoin for spring break? Some day I'm going to get to DC for cherry blossom festival. Want me to check on NYC have apt for another month or so.....