Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Butler's Do Disney

DAY #2
Any trip to Disney requires the eating of Mickey Mouse Pancakes at least once. Of course, I failed to photograph the eating of said pancakes but let me assure you, it happened. We made breakfast reservations at Kona Cafe which is located in Disney's Polynesian Resort.  The food was spectacular. I had pancakes with Macadamia Nut Butter-to die for, while Scott had the Tonga French toast, equally death worthy. The kids also didn't disappoint with their inappropriate groping of a wooden statue's butt cheeks..
Our plans to travel to the Polynesian resort was two-fold, breakfast and a chance for the kids, Atley in particular,  to ride the mono-rail. This seems to always be one of the most exciting things about a Disney Vacation.  

We even got to experience it breaking down and making us late for our appointment with Disney's Typhoon Lagoon water park!

 We were extremely fortunate to have amazing weather almost the entire trip. Although, the 3 degrees and 8 inches of snow we left behind would make most any weather look amazing.  Plus, even if it was a little chilly, the water at Typhoon Lagoon is heated and feels fantastic.  The highlight of the water park was being able to snorkel with sharks, sting rays, and lots of other tropical fish.

 Disney Water Parks are overlooked when planning a vacation.  But, they shouldn't be.  They give you a little down time, while still being super exciting and entertaining for the kids. Typhoon Lagoon definitely did not disappoint. We could have stayed there for days.

A must at the water park is the Sand Bucket of Ice Cream!

No, Day # 2 was not over yet. After a quick shower we took the resort bus to Hollywood Studios. Yes, we were already exhausted.  In fact, Scott's fitness tracker recorded that we averaged about 14 miles of walking per day.  
Tip: Drink plenty of water and keep the ibuprofen ready.
Some of us were more happy than others to be taking pictures.  Hollywood Studios is the home of the most famous Disney show-Fantasmic.  
We made reservations for dinner at Hollywood & Vine and with our reservation we got priority seating for the show.  I highly recommend doing this.  Hollywood & Vine is a buffet style dinner with everything from Lobster Mac & Cheese, Prime Rib, Broccoli salad and everyone's favorite, an unlimited dessert bar. We lost Nash after Fantasmic and with the help of the Disney Cast, a few prayers and tears, he was finally recovered no worse for wear. Never a dull moment.

 Hollywood Studios also has my least favorite ride in the entire world The Tower of Terror.  It just so happens that this was Harley's favorite ride of the entire trip. In fact, most were a little lame after riding this first. Yes, I totally humiliated myself on this ride. If the picture isn't proof enough, just watch the video.  When, we got on the ride everyone was dead silent.  That is when Atley made the following remark, "Well, people I'm either about to become a man or have my childhood destroyed."  When it was over he loudly exclaimed that the ride was, "the definition of hell." 

The Aerosmith Roller Coaster was another favorite. Don't let their terrified faces tell you any differently.

Tip:  Buy the Disney Memory Maker. For one price you get all the pictures/videos taken on the rides and throughout the park. Totally worth it!

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