Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Butler's Do Disney

DAY #1

We have been planning and anticipating our Disney World Vacation for about a year.  When Scott's family heard about how much fun we were going to have they decided they wanted in on the action too. So, not only did we have the sheer joy of a week at Disney but the kids had a chance to see a few of their cousins as well. We all stayed at different places and didn't have much time to chat, but it was still fun to see what everyone else was doing and compare notes. We were also able to stay a night with my dad in Jacksonville, where he made Harley caterpillar pancakes and he and Atley switched faces.  Don't worry, everyone is back to normal now.  

When we were planning our vacation I spent a lot of time reading advice columns and mom blogs about their Disney Experiences.  It was incredibly helpful.  So, I am going to record what we did and what we really loved about our trip, not only for our own memories, but just in case you might need/want some advice planning your own Disney World vacation. 
We arrived in Orlando around 10:30AM.  We checked into our Disney Resort-Pop Century.  Apparently, this is a VALUE resort, but honestly it didn't feel like it. The room was a little tiny but it was absolutely adorable, with two huge heated pools and super cute Disney decor.  Each section is decorated like a decade, we were in the 50's section of the resort with poodle skirts, bowling pins, juke boxes and Lady and the Tramp. At a value resort you still receive all of the incredible Disney amenities, like free transportation to all the parks, an arcade in the hotel, plus a full service food court and shopping.  Not really sure what else you could need or want. We loved it.

After checking-in and exploring the resort. We headed to Downtown Disney for our reservation at T-Rex.  Tip:  Make Reservations As Early As Possible. Food is a super important aspect of vacationing for me. We tried to eat breakfast in our room each morning and take a backpack full of snacks and drinks for the parks and then eat an early dinner somewhere special. The T-Rex restaurant is so much fun. It is full of animated dinosaurs that roar and screech periodically, beautiful aquariums, plus there is a meteor shower every 30 minutes.  

After eating we walked around Downtown Disney where Nash ran into a guy wearing his same shirt. That was awkward.
We finished our day by spending about 4 hours at Disney Quest, which is a 5 story interactive arcade.  This place is incredible, full of traditional video games and much, much more.

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