Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thanks George Dub-yah

No, we didn't brave the cold or the record crowds to attend the inauguration. Instead, we stayed tucked in our warm house about 6 miles from the Capitol Building. However, we were privy to the sights and sounds of the many low-flying military helicopters and various aircraft hovering in our area and all around D.C. This was especially exciting for the boys.

I was disappointed with the "boos" and catcalls I heard when President Bush was announced on the Capitol platform. I further disapproved of the subtle digs displayed in the speeches of Senator Feinstein and President Obama. Since the battle for Obama has produced a victory for him and his supporters, I mistakenly believed that a semblance of class would be demonstrated by these individuals. However, I was impressed with the grace and dignity of the Bush family as they bid a final farewell to Washington, embracing their predecessors and appearing to have a clean conscience regarding what lay behind them.

I will be the first to admit that Bush's presidency was not perfect. There were definitely mistakes made. We are in a mess of a war and the economy is horrendous. I need look no further than to my overpriced, over mortgaged, unwanted home in southern Arizona for the evidence of a failing economy. Yet, I do feel I owe President Bush a debt of gratitude. He accomplished the three tasks that mean the most to me as an American. He kept us safe after 9/11, he upheld the sanctity of marriage, and he stood strong on his value of human life with his anti-abortion position. I appreciate his acknowledgement of God's hand in his daily life and respect the choices he made as our commander and chief. I wish President Obama well and I truly hope he can establish the utopia that so many believe he has the ability to create. I respect the office of president and pray for the safety and guidance of any human being crazy enough to aspire to such a position.

Thank you President Bush, we will miss you in Washington. Unfortunately, we might be the only ones.


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An Amen from us also!

Roscoe and Daisy said...

Amen three! I didn't watch the inguaration either- we went to the Library instead. I still think Bush is a descent guy too and like you said did some good. Nobody is perfect thats for sure. I do hope Obama does some good while he is in office also and pray for all of our safety!
I like your blog entry I feel bad Bush is getting so smashed on too.