Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wally and the Beav's Snow Day!

It finally came! After a super cold, super dry winter, we finally got our first snow yesterday and because I wasn't forced to drive in it, I thought it was beautiful. The boys were very excited and we had great fun playing in the snow all afternoon. Unfortunately, all of our attempts at making a snowman were thwarted by Naughty Nash. We would begin and he would rush over to kick it and yell, "timber!" The snow combined with Winter X games made me homesick for Colorado and rekindled that ski fever in me. I can't wait until Atley and Nash are old enough to hit the slopes!


Melissa May said...

Have fun at your concert tonight!
Cute pics!

Roscoe and Daisy said...

Snow is a magical thing- how fun for the kiddos to experience snow in the East! Since I know they did not get in the Southwest!:)