Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My feelings today!

Take a deep breath! This may take awhile!

First, I am a little annoyed. Today while waiting in the line with the other moms at preschool, several started talking about shopping. You all know I am a confessed shop-aholic and would usually be eager to join the conversation, but not today. The ladies began to talk about how they only buy their "preschool" children name-brands. They were convinced it builds confidence in young children. Personally I don't think young children should even understand the concept of name-brands and if they do something is seriously wrong with society. Anyway, one mother got a smokin' deal at Nordstroms on Ugg boots for girls. They were marked down to $90 so she bought her three year-old four pair, each in a different color. WHAT A BARGAIN!!! Another mother found her son a NorthFace jacket for $140 so she bought two, one for this year and one for next. Hopefully, it won't be out of style for kindergarten. They then began discussing the places they would not shop. I won't list all of the forbidden stores but Old Navy was on the top of the list. Within minutes Atley came out of his classroom displaying his Old Navy T-Shirt and tons of confidence. I hope they felt stupid. Sorry, I guess I am being immature.

Second, I am confused. Can you find a library book on Facebook etiquette? Okay, so about a month ago Scott signed me up for Facebook, like I need another distraction. And while I think it is mostly pretty cool, there are some things I am finding odd. Scott assured me that if you know the person you should just allow them to be your friend. It's the nice thing to do! That advice was fine for awhile, but now I am getting strange friend requests. Granted I might know the people but they are people like your distant cousin's, ex-husband's, great-uncle. WEIRD! But, I feel totally guilty not allowing them to be my friend. Also when do you know if you should really request someone to be your friend? I mean let's say you knew each other in high-school and you bugged each other then, won't you still bug each other 12 years later. And what's the rule on old boyfriends? I mean I am perfectly unsentimental about my past relationships but I can't say the same about Scott's crazy old girlfriends. I am pretty sure I should be allowed to have old boyfriend "friends" but Scott should not be allowed old girlfriend "friends." Seems Fair! Next, what if you have allowed some friendships and then you realize that these people you once knew and even liked have morphed into something more than a little spooky. You know the type that post weird pictures of themselves and use profanity on their posts. This makes me super uncomfortable especially since my Bishop just asked to be my friend on Facebook. It's all just too much for me! I CAN'T HANDLE THE FACEBOOK DRAMA!

Third, I am feeling inspired. I am not into self-help books. They just leave me feeling like a failure. I am sure that most of these self-help book writers are in cahoots with the same people who manufacture Prozac and Zoloft. But, I just finished a relatively old book called, The Greatest Salesman in the World, by Og Mandino. I highly recommend it. It is short and well, inspiring.

Fourth, I am feeling the love for vacation again. I maintain a love/hate relationship with vacations. The hate stems from my need for a schedule in life and especially in the life of my children. Because vacations always get us out of our routine,our family always gets sick on vacation. (See blog posts for New York trip, Williamsburg trip, Colorado trip for proof) Our trip to Georgia was no exception. Although we have been home for 9 days, we are still healing from our sicknesses. Because of the sickness I was hating vacation alot last week and to make matters worse while on vacation my boys were allowed to sleep in the same bed. Upon returning home they refused to sleep in their own beds. Nash would cry, "Need Atley!" Atley would cry, "But, I love Nash so much!" So, they spent two nights on the floor in Atley's room, one night in the same bed in Nash's room, a couple of nights in a make-shift crib/bed in Nash's room, and all of those nights were sleepless nights for them and me. But now that we have worked the kinks out, the boys are sleeping again, now in the same room. I am actually grateful that they want to be together. There is something sweet about it. Therefore, I love vacations again, until the next one anyway.


janaya said...

you need me to come over and give you a facebook tutorial. what you're in need of is a "limited profile" friend list. it'll change your facebook experience completely. and really?... the bishop? :)

Bisel Family said...

old navy is expensive for me. Does that make you feel better?

Melissa May said...

I just wanted to say thank you! Your blog makes me laugh every day. I know where you're coming from on the name brand issue. Ugg boots for little girls? How do you think they would feel about 2nd hand clothes from ebay? Also I receive friend requests from people I have no idea who they are, don't feel bad about ignoring them! Thanks again:)

natalie tenney said...

Old Navy rocks, and stupid people are...well...stupid. My kids where what ever brand happens to be in the hand-me-down bag from their cousins. And they are very happy with that.
Also, I've had a pending friend request on facebook of a month now while I decide weather to accept it or not. Someone a few years older than us from highschool that I don't think I have ever spoken to in my life. I think old boyfriends are great but I'm okay with Sam's old girlfriends too, so I don't know about that one. I would be FB friends with my bishop but he was my friend before he was my bishop. Otherwise it's kinda wierd. bla bla bla.

Whitney said...
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Roscoe and Daisy said...

Ok- so half my kids clothes are from Walmart so I guess I would be a mom out of style. If I get something from Old Navy I feel like that is a step up for me. That is so funny and silly how people bass there self- esteem and worth on clothes and brand- name on clothes. Vain people that is for sure.
So you have facebook I will have to look you up- we both have facebook. I agree I think some people just want to get as many people on there friends list as possible but I am more hesitate or I want as "friends". That is hiliarious that your Bishop added you as a friend- that just seems weird.