Monday, October 18, 2010

HOORAY for Leg-Warmers!

Because I grew up in the 80's, I love Leg-Warmers!!! I once spent $15 for a pair of leg-warmers for Harley, but never again. I found a really cool and inexpensive way to create cute Leg-Warmers! So, here is my tutorial. First, go shopping. I went to H&M and bought knee-high little girl socks. A pack of 5 was $7, but they were also buy one get one free, So, I got 10 pairs of socks for $7. If you are making these for a big girl and not a baby, buy women's socks.
Second, cut the heel and toe off so that you have two different length tubes.
Fold the smaller tube in half, inside of itself.
Turn the larger tube inside out and place the folded tube inside with the cut edges aligned.
Pin along the edge if you need to and sew together.
Turn right side out! There you have it, a $.70 version of the $15 baby leg.
I made 10 Leg-Warmers in less than an hour and my babie's legs look cozy and cute.


Britt Butler said...

oh my goodness melisa!! so cute and very creative! i'm not sure i can even do may have to start selling those!

G&G said...

You are a marvel, how creative, cute, cute.

Wendie said...

that is a great idea. Thanks for sharing! And Melisa, I just finished reading Gone With the totally should have named one of your kids Rhett!