Sunday, October 10, 2010

Get Your Crafty On!

While Harley and Dad doubled their viewing pleasure by watching football on TV and on the computer, the boys and I got our crafty on!!! Doesn't she look like a giant parrot perched on his shoulder? And don't you think the boys should have been watching football and not CRAFTING? All our craft ideas were stolen from magazines, crafty blogs, or friends, which begs the question, have I had an original idea since the Internet was invented? I wonder. First, we made this nifty candy corn wreath with a foam wreath, electrical tape, ribbon, hot glue and of course candy corn.
Next, we made this banner for the fireplace. We used glue and some Halloween craft paper I had in my stash. I could have sewed the ribbon to the triangles but I was too lazy to get my machine out. Hot glue worked great.
The boys absolutely loved making these spiders from black yarn and pipe cleaners. I particularly liked this project too because there was no way to mess it up. Spiders are supposed to be ugly, right? After we finished our spider family we picked up sticks in the yard and created a spider tree! OOOH!!! Spooky....

Our last project was super easy. First, I had some foam pumpkins from Fall's past, that I cut in half with a kitchen knife. Next, I took some more paper from my supply and glued them onto the glass of some cheap picture frames I found at the thrift store for $1. Then I glued one half of my foam pumpkin on each frame. VOILA!!! Instant pumpkin art.
The funnest thing about these projects is that they were all really cheap and quick.
Most of these ideas can be found on one of my new favorite blogs called "eighteen25". Check it out!


Evan and Lauren said...

Great projects, and they are all so CUTE! You are all ready to host a Scentsy Halloween party! :) Speaking of... do you like all your stuff??

G&G said...

What cute decorations and how proud the boys much be and what a good mother to let them help. Looks like Dad is a great babysitter keeping the Harley happy. Can't wait to see everything live in a few weeks.