Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wow! Has it really been a month?

I guess time flies when you are having fun! Wait, I haven't been having fun, I have just been busy and sort of tired. September has been chock full of stuff, not exciting stuff either, just stuff. Stuff like meetings, volunteering, homework, field trips, church stuff, sick kids, doctor's appointments, allergist appointments, husband traveling, birthday parties, preschool teaching, consignment sale work, bus stop drama, time spent crying over the worst BYU football season in a decade, and a lot of driving to and fro!! Anyway, I am trying to regroup and remember, through pictures, what happened during the past month.
First, we spend part of everyday walking back and forth to the bus stop to drop off and pick up Atley. Harley and Atley are happy to get up and moving in the morning! Nash not so much! Atley is loving school and doing well, but we kind of miss having him around during the day. I am his homeroom mom and I often feel that I am at his school almost as much as he is, but it's fun, well sometimes.

Nash started preschool. Preschool for him anyway. It is actually a coop with me and one other mom. We trade off each week and try to teach the kids something. Nash thinks he is such a big boy with his back pack and his left-handed scissors!

Nash went on his first field trip to a local apple orchard where he picked his weight in apples and I got stung by a bee for the first time in my life!! Of course, Harley tags along to all of these events and I often feel a little sad that she doesn't have a social life of her own.

Sometime during the month I hosted a party for a friend. As you can probably discern from the picture below, preperation for the event wasn't stressful at all.

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G&G said...

I remember those days, they seem long ago now, when I look at my boys who are all men.