Friday, October 29, 2010

Is It Halloween YET??

Does it seem to anyone else that this has been the longest build-up-to Halloween in the history of the holiday? I swear, we have been celebrating for weeks and we still haven't made it to the actual night. The kids have been wearing their costumes for a month. They have been washed so many times I am afraid they are going to fall to pieces before the big event. Something amazing is also happening. I am actually getting sick of Halloween Candy!
Anyway, here is a recap of our month so far. Our first Halloween party was a baby party for Harley and some of her friends. She starred as the PINK PIG, Nash was a party crasher in his CHEESEBURGER suit, and I dressed up as OCTOMOM! Then we went to the AIR AND SCARE party at the Smithsonian where the kids were able to Trick-or-Treat, play games, make crafts, take pictures with STAR WARS characters, and of course check out all of the cool planes. Next we had TRUNK or TREAT at church which meant pizza, more games, and much more candy. Today we had Atley's Halloween party and parade at school. His costume this year-SHARK! Trust me we have had many shark attacks at our house this October. Our shark especially craves cheeseburgers and the occasional pork chop. Hopefully, this might also explain the need to make an evil face for every photo. Of course that is not all. We still have to carve pumpkins and watch the Charlie Brown Halloween Special. By the way Nash's nick name for his baby sister-Harley Brown. Happy Halloween Everyone!!


Tracy said...

Atley has, by far, the best costume in his class! did you make it?

G&G said...

Oh my goodness what fun you are having. But you forgot to mention Scott dressing up like Bruce Willis....Loved the Octomom.

Shannon said...

You pulled off the octomom look well! Hilarious.

Kristin said...

You're so funny Melisa. Next time I need a good idea, I'm just going to call you. Hope everything's going great.

Shawn Butler said...

Awesome Halloween, guys! But how come those Octomom photos never hit Facebook?!? I totally searched it so I could make this comment:

"Those other 7 babies make number 8 look huge. And tan."

Love your blog!