Monday, January 24, 2011

10 Minute Super Heroes

Nash spends a part of each day writing in a book that he calls his, "journal comic book." The characters in this comic are Superboy and his adorable sidekicks, Wormsday and Zeke. Atley has created an alternative universe in our basement that he calls Noray City. In Noray, he is married to a woman named Mrs. Meaner. Mrs. Meaner also teaches at the local elementary school. Atley's job in Noray City is to defend citizens from the evil clutches of his wife. With such vivid imaginations, I decided to whip up some capes for our daring duo. Afterall, it is WEEK #2 of Make-it Monday.

Step 1: Find an old pillow case and turn the open end over about 2 inches and hem across the bottom. (If you don't have an old pillow case take a long rectangular strip of fabric, fold it in half, then sew up the long sides leaving the top open, to resemble a pillow case-and follow the instructions in the first sentence.)

Step 2: Pick out your super hero emblem. Nash wanted an "S" for Superboy and Atley wanted a fish. (Actually, Atley wanted a cherry picker or an oil pipeline. I insisted on something a bit less difficult.) Iron Heat & Bond onto the fabric you are using for your emblem. I prefer felt. Cut out the object, peel the paper away and then iron it onto the cape. You can put a different hero emblem on each side of the pillow case, just in case your super-hero has more than one alter-ego, like mine do.

Step 3: Take a skinny strip of fabric, ribbon, or rope and using a safety pin slide it through the 2 inch hem. Tie it onto your little super hero!

I don't know about you, but I feel like the universe is a bit safer now that these capes are officially completed. Each cape took less than 10 minutes and they played in them for almost half an hour before moving onto the next mess. Therefore, I considered them a huge success.

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G&G said...

Oh so clever and oh so fun for the boys. Another successful Make-it Monday. Love ya