Sunday, January 23, 2011


Yesterday I watched the boys play with LEGOS while Harley fed herself the tiniest bites of rice puffs. I found myself a little mesmerized by each of their tiny hands as they manipulated the LEGO pieces or food in between chubby fingers. It seems like only minutes ago all 3 sets of these hands were born. Those hands seemed so helpless then. Now they are learning and growing everyday. It struck me what miracles these hands are, how quickly they are learning, and how much potential for good little hands have in the world.

Atley's hands are skinny with long fingers. They are a hard for him to maneuver sometimes. They are always busy and always creating. Nash's hands are thick. They remind me a of bear cub paws. He prefers his left hand over his right. Both of the boys usually have an ample supply of dirt and grime underneath their fingernails. Harley's hands are small and covered in squishiness. She gets goobers between her fingers like the toe jam the boys get between their toes. She uses her hands to pull hair, scratch, and find the most minuscule pieces of string on the floor or clothing. She uses her finger, more specifically her thumb, to suck when she is sleepy. But, her hands refuse to hold her own bottle. She knows that is what mommy's hands are for.

I love all six of those little hands and all 30 of those chubby fingers and I am in awe of them as they daily learn something new.

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